About UVA-GI


The UVA-GI is a program here at UVA that is dedicated to the development of mutually beneficial and long-term relationships between UVA and the people and communities of Guatemala. We are a grassroots organization composed of faculty members, staff, and students who work together on a number of collaborative programs in highland Guatemala. We offer opportunities to all students. As the UVA-Guatemala Initiative (UVA-GI) has expanded over the last five years, we have involved an increasing number of UVA faculty members and students, as well as valued collaborators within the communities and organizations of Guatemala.


In recognition of this, the UVA-Guatemala Initiative is collaborating with the Center for Global Health (CGH), Department of Emergency Medicine, and other UVA-associated organizations in preparing a week-long series of events designed to highlight our expanding collaborations within Guatemala. The culminating event titled “Guatemala and UVA: A Celebration of Partnership” is scheduled to take place at the Rotunda, Dome Room, on Friday, November 8th from noon until 5 PM.

In addition, there is a cluster of related events in the days before and after the symposium, including a Friday night fundraiser open to all and a series of small group activities, lectures, etc.  During this week we will be hosting 8-12 guests from Guatemala as presenters and visitors. This group will include Guatemalan physicians and health care workers, members of our in-country staff, and representatives of several of our closest collaborators, including academic, private and public organizations. All of these individuals are interested in meeting UVA students and can present on any number of topics including international collaborations, public health, education, and global development. Please note that not all of our guests are fluent in English, but we will have a translator available. Each of these individuals has worked with UVA students in the past several years.

For more information regarding UVA-Guatemala Initiative, please click here.