Lectures & Discussions

Center for Global Health Scholar Symposium / Women’s Justice Initiative: Improving Access to Justice in Rural Guatemala

Friday, November 1

2-3:30 PM – Symposium

4pm-5pm – Women’s Justice Initiative Public Lecture by Kate Flatley

Newcomb Art Gallery

The Center for Global Health’s annual symposium is the Center’s best opportunity to celebrate student accomplishments, experience, and learning as well as to advance opportunities for student-faculty collaboration in research. The symposium is designed to bring together scholars and faculty from all disciplines who work together to discover interdisciplinary, innovative approaches to global health.

Kate Flatley, UVA Law School Graduate (2008) and Center for Global Health Scholar Alum, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI) in Patzun, Guatemala. WJI works to empower Guatemalan women to address inequality and gender violence. Kate leads WJI’s work in rural communities where women face extreme poverty, high rates of gender inequality, and have little or no access to social services.

Sponsored by the Center for Global Health, the School of Law Human Rights Program, & UVA Women’s Center Program on Women, Girls and Global Justice (WGGJ). This event is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact ctrglobalhealth@virginia.edu.

Service/Language/Culture Lecture Series Session I: Spanish Language Capacity in Health Care: Bad Spanish is Not a Terminal Condition!

Perspectives on the importance of Spanish language competency as a health care professional and a discussion of strategies on acquiring proficiency

Tuesday, November 5

12-1 PM, School of Medicine Auditorium MEB 3110

Do you ever get the feeling not knowing Spanish is a huge handicap as a health care provider? As a health care provider the ability to be “competent” in Spanish is extremely important. As the demographics of the US population base changes rapidly, it becomes more apparent every day that those of us who practice healthcare and are not fluent to some level in Spanish face a large handicap. More importantly, it’s a large handicap for our patients and is also a big barrier in delivering sustainable and quality care to those of our patients that speak Spanish as their preferred language.

However, it’s not easy to pick up Spanish during medical school or during a busy undergraduate career but, it can be done. With this in mind please join us for a discussion about the realities of Spanish for the healthcare provider, discuss various ways to rapidly acquire functional Spanish literacy, talk to students who have engaged in intense Spanish immersion lessons ,and have a chance to hear about Spanish preparation from a number of our guests on campus from Guatemala during that time period. At any rate, this would be a great opportunity to talk to a number of Spanish medical providers, learn about how you can acquire or enhance your Spanish capacity and talk to students who have actually gone through these activities.

Food will be provided.

Sponsored by Students for Community Health.

For more information, please contact Meredith Orseth at mlo3ef@virginia.edu or Christina Li at cl7eh@virginia.edu.

Service/Language/Culture Lecture Series Session II: Health Care in Highland Guatemala: An Insider’s Perspective

Join us as Dr. Rafael Tun, long-term collaborator of UVA-GI and physician in San Lucas Toliman, talks about the challenges and rewards of delivering primary care to the Kaqchikel Mayan community of San Lucas Toliman

Wednesday, November 6

12-1 PM, School of Medicine Auditorium MEB 3110

What is it like to practice resource limited medicine in an indigenous Mayan community?

Dr. Rafael Tun is visiting the United States as a guest of the UVA-Guatemala Initiative and will be providing a lecture and discussion about his experiences as a primary care physician in the Kaqchikel Mayan community of San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. Dr. Tun was born in San Lucas, grew up there and returned there after finishing medical school in Guatemala. He is fluent in Spanish, Kaqchikel, Tz’utijil, and some English. The talk will be about his experiences as a primary care physician in San Lucas Toliman providing service to the Mayan people of this region. Dr. Tun has mentored many UVA students and residents through his collaboration with the UVA-Guatemala Initiative. In addition, he has also served as an advisor and mentor to several UVA study abroad courses and has provided supervision and instruction for several UVA Guatemala associated student research collaborations.

In summary, this should be a fascinating discussion about medical care in the Guatemalan Highlands. Dr. Tun will be delivering his lecture in Spanish, but don’t worry we will have a translator there for those of you who may be not completely Spanish fluent.

Food will be provided.

Sponsored by International Medicine Club.

For more information, please contact Jigna Solanki at js9ev@virginia.edu or Christina Li at cl7eh@virginia.edu.

Clean Water in the Lake Atitlan Basin: Multicultural Collaborations Over Time

Wednesday, November 6

5:30-7:30 PM, Clark 108

Please join us at 5:30 pm to learn more about UVA-GI and ways to get involved in future collaborations and projects, followed at 6 pm by a multicultural, multidisciplinary discussion of how UVA student-centric collaborations and communities in Guatemala have partnered over time to work on water projects that combine education and local empowerment with student initiative.

Over the past 5 years, multiple UVA student group, in collaboration with the School of Engineering and the UVA-Guatemala Initiative, have partnered with the communities of Tzununa and San Martin, Guatemala to develop and implement an innovative approach to education and point of use water filtration that provides water quality security to these communities. This unique collaboration combines student initiative and research with sustainable community benefit and long-term capacity building for UVA students and Guatemalans alike. In collaboration with UVA School of Engineering, Jefferson Public Citizen Program, and other UVA associated funding sources.

Pizza will be provided.

Sponsored by Global Water Brigades, Global Development Organization, and Engineering Students Without Borders, & the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

For more information, please contact Christina Li at cl7eh@virginia.edu.

Women’s Rights in Guatemala: Perspectives from Guatemalan Women

Thursday, November 6

5-6 PM, Center for Global Health Board Room

Please join us for a roundtable discussion as our Guatemalan women guests of the UVA-Guatemala Initiative discuss their perspectives on women’s rights and the status of women in Guatemala today. Food will be provided.

Sponsored by the UVA Women’s Center & the Center for Global Health.

Space will be limited. To RSVP, please email Christina Li at cl7eh@virginia.edu.

UVA-Guatemala Keynote Symposium

Friday, November 8

12-5 PM, The UVA Rotunda Dome Room

Join us at the Rotunda, the home of Thomas Jefferson as we gather together to highlight our collaborations between cultures via a series of lectures, discussions, panels, and presentations involving UVa and Guatemala-based presenters.

The event starts at noon with student poster presentations, food by UVA Catering, and a meet & greet. Opening remarks start at 1 pm. Sessions will include an introduction to the UVa-Guatemala Initiative, case studies on cardiovascular disease, discussions on “turning foreigners into collaborators,” student-led initiatives on water and health in San Martin, and multicultural perspectives on global health and research.

The symposium will end with a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities surrounding Guatemala today.

For more information, please contact Chris Nguyen at chn4hs@virginia.edu.